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Applications of Stability Chamber

Stability Chamber

Stability test chambers are enclosures where a stable environment is provided as the name suggests, by controlling the humidity and temperature ranges in particular and other parameters like dust, smoke & pollution can also be controlled. The Stability chambers are used to detect the effects of pre-specified circumstances on biological materials, industrial materials as well as on electrical & electronic components. Stability chambers are used primarily to detect humidity and temperature ranges. They are fundamentally used in the pharmaceuticals industry and by electronic chip manufacturing companies and also in research institutions. Thus while selling the medicines (or) electronic equipment the warranty period is decided by the result obtained from the Stability chamber, thus anybody can gauge the extreme importance of the Stability Chamber. These chambers are even used to find minute defects in a product as well.

Stability chamber Manufacturer supplier - Tanco

As we all know that the living organism, tissue, electronic chips etc. are very sensitive towards the change in temperature and humidity and needs a particular range to function properly thus the main function of stability chambers is to detect what temperature & humidity a product needs for its survival.

Tanco manufactures the best of Stability Chamber in the World. Tanco’s Stability chambers are of extremely high quality and are used by the leading Pharmaceutical brands besides a number of Telecom & Computer peripherals manufacturer worldwide and also widely by Food & Beverages industry in India. Stability Chamber manufactured by Tanco can also be found in government research laboratories where we are a regular supplier.

Stability Chamber by Tanco Lab Products

In the domestic markets known brands like SRL laboratories, BHEL, Fortis Escorts, AIIMS Hospitals are just a few names Tanco associates itself with proudly. As Tanco Lab Products is based in New Delhi, the capital & heart of India the availability of manpower and resources are within its easy reach with an added advantage of secure and fast supply chain & logistics. One of the biggest USP of our company is highly customized Stability Chamber which we manufacture according to whims and wishes of our esteemed customer.

Tanco, the well known brand comes from the highly respected P.L. Tandon & Company which started as humble & contended trading house latter on expanded into manufacturing of Medical, Scientific & Laboratory Instruments. Even today the hunger for expansion is not diminished and we at Tanco are continuously looking for venturing into new markets and territories with the zeal to excel in quality with keeping the pricing model of our instruments & equipment reasonable. Tanco is scouting for new customers and consumers aggressively balancing the repeated customers with ease. Tanco Stability Chamber are an asset for our customers which are used in research institutions, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, etc. with a major chunk of Stability Chamber exported to various countries.

Tanco Stability Chamber is a rage among our customers and consumers due to its high performance, reliable results and longer life cycle.

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