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Applications of Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Flow Cabinet also called laminar flow closet (or) sometimes in a more scientific language called Tissue Culture Hood. In a simpler language, Laminar Flow Cabinet is used to prevent contamination of biological (or) bacterial samples and at times other sensitive materials. The Laminar flow Cabinet is usually made up of stainless steel with no gaps (or) joints. Particular care has to be taken while manufacturing it that not even small pores should be present. The Laminar flow Cabinet is usually of two types Vertical Laminar Air Flow as well as Horizontal Laminar Air Flow.

Applications of Laminar Air Flow

The major applications related to Laminar Flow Cabinet are found in research laboratories where scientists & researchers do various kinds of an experiment using virulent and deadly pathogens which if comes in contact with humans can prove life threatening. Thus, to maintain high quality while designing & manufacturing any clean air equipment and later giving strength to extreme quality control measure is of utmost importance. It also finds applications in the field of defence, agriculture & also veterinary nowadays which is gladly fulfilled by Tanco and its superior quality products

In today’s world where much emphasis is given on safety standards and particularly given this type of medical equipment Tanco’s Laminar Flow Cabinet (both vertical and horizontal) stand apart in this race with its superior & high-quality production. Tanco is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. Tanco products manufactured by high graded stainless steel keeping the quality standards in lieu with the international specifications and requirements. Tanco Laminar Flow Cabinet is extremely effective and efficient when used in medical and research, the equipment found testimony in front of our large customer base which included scientists, professors, and top shot corporate executives. Beside Laminar Flow Cabinet, Tanco also manufactures a wide variety of other scientific and medical equipment.

Tanco’s Laminar Flow Cabinet beside being of high quality is also affordable and reasonable in its pricing model. As India is developing nation with limited resources the research & scientific community time & again showed its gratitude towards a responsive Tanco as it has helped India in achieving its scientific development with its vertical, horizontal which is also highly customized according to wishes and needs of our esteemed customers. Our manufacturing cost of the end product comes out to be even cheaper than that of the Chinese manufacturing. Tanco besides looking after the domestic market also exports to more than 60 countries in all major continents around the globe. With quality and affordability in its quiver, Tanco is sort after in all the major markets of the world. All the products are European CE marked.

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