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Fluid Warming Cabinet

Fluid Warming Cabinet or Saline warning cabinet commonly also known as Warning Cabinets are must use Equipment in ICU,OT and other Critical areas where usage IV Fluids are involved.
This Cabinet Works on a Principal of heating technology which ensures appropriate temperature of IV Fluid before it gets direct Contact with the patent Special kind of heating technology is used in the Instrument which ensures rapid temperature Acquisition and that too with minimum temperature variation with the help of Durable Coaxial Blower forced air circulation help to maintain temperature Uniformity in the chamber thus providing best of the results. 

A Full View inner Plexi Glassdoor enables monitoring and enspection of inner Chamber Specimen without providing any hindrance by a user to avoid any kind of thermo labs high-grade PUF / Glass Wool Insulation is provided between the layers of inner and outer Chamber .

User-friendly Interface that is Electric Digital Temperature Indicator, Controller fitted with visual and audio alarm with battery backup facility is incorporated in the instrument thus providing best of the accurate results . Caster Wheels are also provided wth the equipment for easy portability .

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