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Mortuary Chamber

Tanco, the well known brand comes from the highly respected P.L. Tandon & Company which started as humble & contended trading house in 1950’s and latter on expanded into manufacturing of Medical, Scientific & Laboratory Instruments. Tanco’s hunger for expansion has led to the production of more than 300+ instruments in its manufacturing facilities in the capital city of Delhi. One of the instruments which are always in high demand is Mortuary Chamber. Mortuary chamber is used for storing dead bodies in low temperature, to prevent them from decomposition. Tanco Mortuary chamber is usually double walled, with inner wall made of stainless steel. The outer wall can be either of Stainless Steel (SS) (or) Mild Steel (MS).

To maintain the temperature of the mortuary chamber, a sealed compressor is used in it. All Tanco build mortuary chambers has an in-build digital temperature indicator which shows the specified temperature. As per the requirement of our esteemed customers, there is the wide range of mortuary chamber available on the basis of the effective result, performance, and strengths. The major USP of Tanco is its customization of all the equipment & instruments according to the wishes and needs of our customers.

The Tanco Mortuary Chamber is conceptualized and designed on the basis for storing cadaverous and corpses over a long period of time maintaining hygienic conditions at low temperature. The Mortuary chambers are a vital & necessary part of any hospital. in places where management needed effective and robust 24x7 operations.

Tanco is looking for venturing into new markets and territories with the zeal to excel in quality with keeping the pricing model of our instruments & equipment reasonable. Tanco is scouting for new customers and consumers aggressively balancing the repeated customers with ease. Tanco Mortuary Chamber are an asset for our customers which are used extensively in hospitals cutting across Government, Private & Public besides our Mortuary Chambers are regularly exported to numerous countries Worldwide.

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As a leading manufacturer of Mortuary Chamber developed with the latest technology, offering space saving over the conventional types together with greater hygiene where reliability of Tanco’s Mortuary Chamber is the backbone of our operation. In the domestic markets known brands like SRL laboratories, BHEL, Fortis Escorts, AIIMS Hospitals are just a few names Tanco associates itself with proudly. Majority of the Defence Hospitals & Medical Establishments in our country use Mortuary Chambers manufactured by Tanco which for us is a Badge of Honour. It shows our commitment towards Nation building and our quest to serve the people.

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