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Biosafety Cabinet and It's Applications

Biosafety Cabinet

A biosafety cabinet popularly called BSC sometimes also known as biological safety cabinet or microbiological safety cabinet in a more scientific term. The Biosafety Cabinet is an enclosure, ventilated laboratory workspace for safely working with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) harmful pathogens requiring a defined bio-safety level. Several different types of BSC exist, differentiated by the degree of bio-containment required. The first commercialized Bio-Safety Cabinets were produced from 1950’s.

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The Bio-Safety Cabinets primary function is to protect the human beings working with harmful & life-threatening pathogens. Tanco has been manufacturing Biosafety cabinets for long periods of time. The basic principle in which BSC works is that all exhaust air is HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered removing harmful bacteria and viruses. Besides, protecting human beings (researchers) most classes of Biosafety Cabinets have a secondary purpose i.e. to maintain the sterility of materials inside the cabinet.

As a leading manufacturer of Biosafety Cabinet developed with the latest technology, offering with reasonable price and extremely high reliability thus Tanco’s Biosafety Cabinet is the backbone of our customers. Tanco, the omnipresent brand which comes from the house of P.L. Tandon & Co. the well-known company which started as a trading firm in 1950’s and started manufacturing later. Beside, Bio-Safety Cabinets Tanco is involved in the production of more than 300 different types of Scientific, Medical & Laboratory Instruments, including Fume Hood, Laminar Air Flow, etc. In the domestic markets known brands like SRL laboratories, BHEL, Fortis Escorts, AIIMS Hospitals are just a few names Tanco associates itself with proudly. Tanco has a wide range of experience in dealing with clients ranging from Government Sector, Private Industries & Research Laboratories, including various departments in Defence, which shows our commitment towards Nation building and our quest to serve the people.

Biosafety Cabinets found large demands in Pharmaceutical Industries, research laboratories, Hospitals & Pathological Laboratories. After so many years of establishing the brand, even today Tanco’s hunger for expansion is not diminished and all employees at Tanco are continuously looking for new development in technology, along with venturing into new markets and territories with the zeal to excel in quality with keeping the pricing model of our instruments & equipment reasonable and affordable. Tanco is scouting for new customers and consumers aggressively balancing the repeated customers with ease. Tanco’s equipment & instruments are unique and a rage among our invaluable customers with one of our USP being all our equipment & instruments are highly customized according to needs and wishes of our customers. Bio-Safety Cabinet’s high performance, great reliability, and superior quality has enabled our product to live in their hearts and is never out of their mind.

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