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What is an autoclave and where it is used?

An autoclave is a pressure tank used for Sterilization, microbiology, veterinary, mycology, Pharmaceuticals industry, CSSD department and biomedical water department. The chamber raises the temperature and pressure as per the requirements of operators for treatment and sterilisation of waste material, under high temperatures and pressures. An autoclave is widely used in food industry, automobile industry, electronic industry, cement plants, hospitals, pharmaceuticals laboratories, R & D centres, agricultural and medical institutes.

                                        Tanco is the Leading manufacturer of the scientific laboratory testing & medical equipment and is in the field for more than 60 years. All of our products hold the quality certificates from WHO-GMP, European CE certified along with ISO 9001:2008,  ISO 13485:2012 and NSIC. Tanco has a comprehensive assortment of vertical, horizontal cylindrical, horizontal rectangular, biomedical waste, CSSD and portable autoclave. All of our products are constructed with genuine raw materials, advent tools and latest technology and methodology and can be tailor-made according to user requirement. Owing to this the products are highly durable and cost-effective. 

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