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Why Sterilization is Necessary

Why Sterilization is Necessary
You might have been listening when Doctors recommend boiling water for few minutes to make it disinfectant or you have seen when most of the Doctors use to boil their tools into the water for several minutes to sterilize them. Now why they do so and what will happen if tools are not sterilized.  Now here in Tanco will provide an answer to all these questions arises. Why is this so necessary and what is its applicability in different industries.
What is Sterilization?
Sterilization is a process of destroying of all forms of living microorganisms from articles. Articles having direct interaction or application on humans and animals are subjected to be sterilization. These materials include drugs, surgical equipment or tools, food, etc. Sterilization is done to keep the substance for a long time without decay or safe for medical use.
Secondly, a substance that is not sterilized may contain microbes as fungi, bacteria or viruses which may cause infections when consumed or apply on human or animal body. So sterilization is very necessary and unavoidable. The microbes are invisible to naked eye, and even those like bacteria have a protective cover on their surface making them resistant to sterilization.
Now Doctors and Lab Technicians use to boil their tools and equipment into the water for few minutes to assure that articles have been free from any micro organism and safe for further use. Now, this was about the sterilization before any procedure in most of the institution as a hospital, laboratory etc. But Sterilization is also necessary for medical or laboratory wastes.
Now we all know about waste produced in our daily life, but what the difference between ordinary waste and medical waste is. You might have seen yellow, Red, Blue and Black dustbin in Hospital or in laboratory etc. This is only to manage waste produced from suchinstitutions. This mostly contains medical waste. This type of waste may contain human tissue or other medical articles which cannot be disposed directly before sterilization and proper incineration.

Why Sterilization is necessary

Medical waste may contain tissue and other articles used in medical procedures as bandages, plaster, needles etc which may cause infection to anyone if it has not been sterilized before dispose of i.e incineration. The process of incineration includes shredding, in which articles have been cut into small pieces so as it may dispose and finally these waste is subject to burn in a closed chamber. The ashes of the bio-medical waste are then buried under the soil using the guidelines mentioned by the government. 
Now Tanco Lab Products is producing a variety of Autoclave used in sterilization process with a new guideline to sterilize the medical waste before incineration. Tanco is producing Double walled, Single Walled, Horizontal, Vertical, Portable, Table top Autoclaves.Let's talk about one of the Tanco Autoclave.
Double Walled Autoclave Horizontal is famous for a general sterilization ideal tool for Laboratories, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Agricultural R&D labs etc, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage Industries, and Institutions. Suitable for Sterilizing hospital dressings, linen, rubber, plastic goods, surgical instruments, glasswares, utensils etc

Raksha Bandhan - A thread of Love and Care - Tanco Lab Products

The word “Raksha” means Protection and “Bandhan” means a bond. Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is a Hindi Festival which is signified as a bond of care and love. Rakhi is a very special festival for Hindus and is celebrated on the full moon day of August every year. Basically, this festival is a celebration of the special and pure love between brothers and sisters.

Rakhi Ceremony

In the morning, brothers, sisters and other family members get together in a nice dress. Sisters tie a Rakhi (a ceremonial decorated thread) to her brother’s wrist and pray for his happiness. This is her way of expressing her love for her brother on this special day. And the brother gives her a gift and promises to protect her under all circumstances.

Those brothers and sisters who are geographically not together and can’t be with each other on this day, they may share the Rakhi and gifts through the post with a letter of blessings. This festival is also celebrated among cousins and even distant family members. This day not only brothers and sisters get together but all family members celebrate this day.

Preparation for the festival

Weeks before the Raksha Bandhan, the market gets changed and it is seen in the environment. Everywhere sisters and brothers are seen shopping something special for the beloved siblings. Sisters shop for the Rakhi and sweets for their brothers. Some sisters design their own Rakhi. And brothers also shop for the gifts for their sisters.

Prayer and Promise

After Rakhi, sisters pray for the well being of her brother and his prosperity. Then she applies a Tilak (tikka), a colorful mark, on the forehead of her brother. Then sisters offer some sweets with her own hand to her brother. The brother then promises to take care of her sister and protect her in all stages of her life.

Tanco wishes all the brothers and sisters a very Happy Raksha Bandhan-2017.