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Pass Box - Dynamic

Pass Box (Dynamic)

The Pass Box is a chamber used to transfer the material from lower cleanliness area to higher cleanliness area (or) vice-verse in classified (or) designated area & specified area. In other words, the Pass Box acts as a barrier between two cleanliness levels. Pass box also helps to prevent the air flow from one area to another while transferring the material. There are two types of Pass Box, the Static Pass Box, and Dynamic Pass Box. The major difference between the Static Pass Box & the Dynamic Pass Box is that the Static Pass box is used to transfer materials between two clean environments and should never be used for transferring material from an unclean environment to clean environment. Whereas, the Dynamic Pass Box is used to transfer material from an uncontrolled environment to control environment. Tanco manufactures both these types of Pass Box with Tanco’s Dynamic Pass Box is a rage among our customers and is one of the highest selling products of ours. Tanco Dynamic Pass Box is fitted with interlocked doors located on both sides & the two doors should never be opened together.

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Tanco is one of the largest Pass box manufacturing company based in India and have a long & successful experience in designing, manufacturing and installing Dynamic Pass Box all over India and around the globe. The entire Pass box chamber of Tanco are custom designed, rugged, made of high-grade stainless steel and can be installed in a number of ways, depending on the wall or door that will support them. Tanco Dynamic Pass Box is supplied in the pharmaceutical industry, semiconductor, and food industries to meet the most demanding, strident & controlled environment conditions.

About Tanco Lab Products

Beside the Pass Box, Tanco manufactures numerous equipment (more than 300+ different types of instruments) used in various industries, research laboratories, medical centers etc. Some of the most well-known brands in the domestic markets like SRL laboratories, BHEL, Fortis Escorts, AIIMS Hospitals are just a few names Tanco associates itself with proudly. Besides, our products are exported to more than 40 countries worldwide particularly to the Middle East & African markets. As Tanco Lab Products is based in New Delhi, the capital & heart of India the availability of manpower and resources are within its easy reach with an added advantage of secure and fast supply chain & logistics.

Tanco, the well-known brand comes from the highly respected P.L. Tandon & Company which started as humble & contended trading house later on expanded into manufacturing of Medical, Scientific & Laboratory Instruments. Even today the hunger for expansion is not diminished and we at Tanco are continuously looking for venturing into new markets and territories with the zeal to excel in quality with keeping the pricing model of our instruments & equipment reasonable. Tanco is scouting for new customers and consumers aggressively balancing the repeated customers with ease. Tanco Dynamic Pass Box is an asset for our customers which are used extensively in Pharmaceuticals Industry, Electronic Industry, Food & Beverages industry etc.

Tanco has also supplied the Dynamic Pass Box to various Government agencies including research laboratories for our high quality and endurance of the equipment, besides in Defense establishments.

Tanco’s all the products are in our customer's heart forever !!!

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