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On 8th November 2016, Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi took a radical monetary step in which a currency of Rs.500 & Rs.1000 denomination notes will be considered alleged invalid or obsolete from 30th Dec 2016. The process of demonetization is called into play to buckle down the dreadful effects of corruption, black money, fake notes & terrorism. It is not the first time Central Government has taken this harsh step in the country. It was first implemented in 1946 when the Reserve Bank of India demonetized Rs.1000 & Rs.10, 000 notes. The government then brought the higher denomination banknotes i.e. Rs.1000, Rs.5000 and Rs.10, 000 in a fresh avatar eight years later in 1954 before the Morarji Desai government again demonetized these notes in 1978, yet again. The step taken by central government will not only fight against corruption & black money in market but will also eliminate fake currency that are pumped into the economy each year which is being used by terror groups to fund terrorism in India. According to the previous study done by National Investigation Agency (NIA), it has been reported that the fake currency is pumped in through the land route of Bangladesh. Manufactured in Pakistan, it reaches Bangladesh through air and sea route. An organized group then pushes the money into India through the porous border areas. The whole idea of Demonetization is to curb the parallel black economy, which exists, and have grown deep roots in the Indian Economy over the last 70 years. Demonetization aims to lower down the cash circulation in the country. The move is estimated to scoop out more than Rs.15 lakh crore of black money from our economy. It will eliminate fake currency and dodgy funds, which have been used by terror groups to fund terrorism in India.

Specialized quality technology system for food manufacturing Industry

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The Ministry of Health and Family welfare has now made it mandatory for determination of certain Nutritional Facts, to be printed on the packaging of food products. With the issue of G.S.R notification 664(E) dated 19th September, 2008 the following basic nutritional informational information needs to be declared to avoid penalization:-

  • Oil / Fat Contents 
  • Proteins Contents 
  • Carbohydrates Contents 
  • Calorific Value / Energy Value 
  • Sugar if Added 
  • Moisture Determination 
In view of this regulation. the food processing Industries are now making arrangements to have in-house quality testing solutions,adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices ( G.M.P) . Most first - rate food products require testing and quality regulations before being released in the market. Lack of such Nutritional Facts may become a Significant barrier in trade and distribution. Suitable quality assurance measures are now necessary to gain customer satisfaction and industry approval.

Since the acceptance of the new norms to ascertain nutritional information, the demand and importance for complete quality methods has increased tremendously. Tanco supports the need to make manufacturers aware and meet necessary arrangements for quality testing before the government starts taking action . Tanco is thus , providing Quality Laboratory Testing Equipment s that enable you to clearly determine nutritional facts about your products. The Company is accredited with ISO 9001:2008 certification which stands as a testimony for an excellent quality management system. Tanco is also WHO GMP & CE Certified and has the facility for complete clean room and dehumidification systems and also have the arrangements for setting up of special microbiology labs. At par with intentional standards Tanco, through world-class testing equipment, has proved to the best in its league.

High Temperature Muffle Furnaces

High-Temperature Muffle Furnaces

These Muffle furnaces are designed to meet the requirement in educational, research and industries mainly for conducting ash test 7 for the treatment of samples under high temperature.

These furnaces are specially designed to meet the requirements of High Temperature, the casing is made of M.S reinforced wth Iron angels duly painted, the chamber made of Ceramic Zirconium Board and elements are placed horizontally in the Chamber. Heating is done by Imported Silicon Carbide rods duly controlled by Accurate step down transformer (Air cooled), it saves energy up to 30% with easily replaceable Carbide Rods. These Furnaces have outstanding Temperature reliability and have large surface radiation ratio to enhance thermal efficiency and power consumption. Control Panel is fitted with Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controlled up to 1600 C with Amp. Control Panel is provided separately having Ammeter and Volt Meter etc. Maximum Furnace Temperature up to 1600 C Working Furnace Temperature up to 1600 C working Temperature up to 1550 C.

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Fluid Warming Cabinet

Fluid Warming Cabinet or Saline warning cabinet commonly also known as Warning Cabinets are must use Equipment in ICU,OT and other Critical areas where usage IV Fluids are involved.
This Cabinet Works on a Principal of heating technology which ensures appropriate temperature of IV Fluid before it gets direct Contact with the patent Special kind of heating technology is used in the Instrument which ensures rapid temperature Acquisition and that too with minimum temperature variation with the help of Durable Coaxial Blower forced air circulation help to maintain temperature Uniformity in the chamber thus providing best of the results. 

A Full View inner Plexi Glassdoor enables monitoring and enspection of inner Chamber Specimen without providing any hindrance by a user to avoid any kind of thermo labs high-grade PUF / Glass Wool Insulation is provided between the layers of inner and outer Chamber .

User-friendly Interface that is Electric Digital Temperature Indicator, Controller fitted with visual and audio alarm with battery backup facility is incorporated in the instrument thus providing best of the accurate results . Caster Wheels are also provided wth the equipment for easy portability .

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At Tanco we stand for the best of Quality & Innovative technologies approach. So that we manufacturer best of the Quality Assured Products. We Cater the needs of Medical Institutions, Scientific and Research Laboratory, Educational Institutions, Pharmaceutical, food and other various Industries. Our Experience in the Quality testing, Instruments provides the best Answer to any Quality Related Problem.

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