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Water Baths: Application & Features

A water bath is laboratory equipment. Water Bath is a container filled with heated water. It is used to incubate samples in water at a constant temperature over a long period of time. All water baths have a digital or an analog interface to allow users to set the desired temperature. Tanco Water Bath rectangular is made up of stainless steel (SS) of 304 high graded. Tanco Water Bath rectangular is of High Quality with European CE certifications and when it comes to the pricing our Equipment is one of the cheapest in the World.

Applications of Rectangular Water Bath

Tanco Water Bath Rectangular applications and utilization involve warming of reagents, melting of substrates or incubation of cell cultures. Water Bath Rectangular (Single Walled) is also used to enable certain chemical reactions to occur at high temperature. As stainless steel does not react with any chemical compound. Water bath is a preferred heat source for heating flammable chemicals instead of an open flame to prevent ignition.

Thus Water Bath can also be used in Defense Industries during testing for explosives. Different types of water baths like double walled, circulating, serological, high precision, incubator shaker, refrigerated circulating water bath are used depending on different types of application in different industries. All these types of Water Bath are built by Tanco. For all of Tanco’s Water baths, it can be used up to 95 °C. When the temperature is above 100 °C, alternative methods such as oil bath, silicone bath or sand bath may be used. All of these equipment are also made by Tanco.

In today’s world where much emphasis is given to superior quality standards and in developing country like India the products have to be price sensitive, Tanco Water Bath wins the race hands down with its good quality products. Tanco is an ISO 9001: 2008 , ISO 13485:2012 & WHO:GMP certified company. 

Water baths are used in diverse fields for various purposes. Some of the industries where they are used frequently are:
  • Educational / Government Laboratories 
  • Clinical Laboratories 
  • Research Laboratories – Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, etc. 
  • Food & Cosmetic Technology Laboratories 
  • Waste Water Laboratories
Another special feature of Tanco is that the Water Bath all the product are highly customized and comes in different sizes according to wishes and needs of our esteemed customers and are also automated. Tanco besides looking after the domestic market also exports to other countries. With high quality and low pricing as Tanco’s signature statement providing superior technology along with reliability is its trademark.

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  1. We are using Tanco BOD Incubator for last 15 years, this is very good quality and we are so satisfy with after sale services of PL Tandon and Company.